English Text of our speech in Costa Rica

( ) - 23-09-2009 | www.sotaliraq.com

Dear Sirs,
May Allahs peace, mercy and blessings be upon you.
First, I would like to thank all who contributed to this conferences success, especially our Costa Rican hosts. Today, the representatives of the members in the International Peace Ministries Project are gathering in the Fourth Summit of the Global Alliance: Building Bridges of Peace , all of whom are working hard to create ministries for peace all around the world to promote its teachings and open channels for constructive dialog that attempts to understand others and diagnose the major causes for terrorism and violence.
I would like to express my regret for the absence of some of members of the Coalition in this conference because of the difficulties encountered, which prevent them from getting Visa,
but for me, despite the existence of a personal threat to me which does not prevent to attend the conference, but the exact cause was because I am engaged with the an important work in Iraq, as well as the preparation of a special conference about peace in Sweden early next month.
Dear Sirs,
All of you know that difficult conditions Iraq is passing through, as its been made apparent to the world over through what is being shown on news channels daily, Iraq is passing through difficult circumstances and is currently waging a tough battle with the forces of terrorism and darkness that attempt to hurdle the advancement of the political process in Iraq.
Please allow me to inform conference members of some important notes that shall contribute to peace building and the construction of active dialog and communication bridges between Iraq and neighboring states, as well as the rest of the world.
1. The conference must support the peace process currently ongoing in Iraq, as advocated by the Peace Ministry project in Iraq.
2. Peace in Iraq cannot be achieved through Iraqs individual efforts alone, it must be backed by the international community and other regional and neighboring states.
3. Peace in Iraq is not only the absence of explicit violence, but also includes a comprehensive political, economic and commercial development.
4. Peace in Iraq is only achieved with a political system that is not based on ethno-sectarian factionalism, the new political model in Iraq must be based on citizenship.
5. The Peace Ministry Project in Iraq is necessary and integral to Iraqs desire to promote the culture of peace, forgiveness and dialog especially that Iraq has escaped the clutches of totalitarian rule.
6. Peace Building in Iraq will not be easy or short due to the countrys historic legacy of dictatorship as well as the political clashes it is rife in.
7. Iraqs stability and the cementing of peace and security will benefit not only Iraqi people but all neighboring countries and might even serve world peace.
8. Peace and democracy in Iraq cannot be imposed from the outside by force, it begins from within the society which must possess a coherent will to achieve that.
9. Peace in Iraq cannot be a government initiative alone, it must also incorporate the efforts of NGOs and organizations able to promote such concepts.
10. What we need in Iraq to achieve peace is a truly comprehensive national reconciliation that really attempts to embrace all those who did not participate in Iraqs political project and who were opposed to it on the condition that their hands had not been tainted with the blood of innocents.
11. Constructing a state of institutions calls for constitutional amendments, putting a stop to foreign interference, rebuilding Iraq, delivering basic services for citizens, getting rid of unemployment and rehabilitating Iraqi security forces.

Muhaned Habeeb Alsemawee
Chairman of Ministry for Peace initiative in Iraq ( IMPI)